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About ProxTube

Why was ProxTube created?

Malte (who developed ProxTube till March 2013) was just annoyed time by time to find a solution to watch a blocked video. Also, he doesn't want to accept the decision of the GEMA (Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights in Germany), which totally unreasonable demands on YouTube and against the opinion of most of their own members, that they can tell him what he can watch. He gladly pays for music but in my view, YouTube is much more a kind of platform where artists can picture themselves and promote the purchase of the songs. Accordingly, he has worked on a solution that should make it easier, as well for a user that has no large background knowledge, and also not unlawful. The result is this add-on.

How to support the work?

Basically, the addon requires a lot of time and money for the servers. We have to work in it every day. We have several proxy servers in the USA to handle with all the traffic. You can support us by using the money saving addon foxydeal. It is included in ProxTube and we get money for every sale to pay the bills.

The donation goes to Malte the developer and founder of ProxTube.

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