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Newest update version

You have just installed the latest update version of ProxTube.

Chrome Update 1.2.4

ProxTube has "shot down" due to the design changes of YouTube. We have found a solution for it and we have fixed it.

Chrome Update 1.1.8

Due to high server cost we have decided to integrate a "savings addon". We hope to cover the cost of the servers. The addon is called foxydeal. It is active after the installation. Below we describe how you can disable it.

Important: We have responded to the complaints and Javascript injection limited to the shopping partner sites. This only happens when foxydeal is enabled.

Basically, it does not store unnecessary data from you. You can disable it at any time. The German case is maintained at 100%. Everything is and will remain free.

Here is an example how FoxyDeal looks wehn it has found a better price:

Otherwise it is not visible.

Features of FoxyDeal

Price comparison: If you surf on one of our partner stores and the tool finds a better price in another shop, it will be displayed in a yellow bar at the top of your browser.

Privacy Policy

Here is the link to the Privacy Policy: FoxyDeal Privacy Policy

Disabling foxydeal

1.First Click the right mouse button on ProxTube button

2. Click on the item Options

3. Choose from "Would you support ProxTube with FoxyDeal:" "No, thank you"

4. Click on the "Save" button

We would be delighted if you use the "savings addon" so ProxTube continues to be kept alive. Thanks for your support!

FoxyDeal Homepage: