ProxTube :: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for ProxTube?

Firefox version 4 or higher, Chrome version 10 or higher.

How to enable/disable ProxTube

The installation adds a little button to the navigation toolbar! If the button is greyed out ProxTube is disabled and you can enable it with a click on it. The position of the button can be customised by right-click an empty section of the Tab Strip and selecting "Customize".

How does it work?

The add-on uses an american proxy server to unblock the YouTube videos. Just the website will be loaded by the Proxy server, the video is loaded without the proxy to obtain speed.

ProxTube does not work. What should I do?

ProxTube is a standalone Add-On. It can be that you tried a lot before ProxTube to unlock YouTube-Videos and forgot to deinstall other plugins like ProxyTube. Deinstall those and restart your Browser.

Is there a version for other browsers?

No, not at the moment.

Why is there a yellow bar at the top of some websites?

This yellow bar is called FoxyDeal. It helps you to save money while you are shopping online. We try to pay the bills of our servers through that.

How can I deactivate FoxyDeal?

1. Click at the ProxTube button with the right mouse button.

2. Click at "Options"

3. Choose "Nein, danke" at "Möchtest du ProxTube mit FoxyDeal unterstützen:"

4. Click the "Save" button